Welcome to Keyword Explained! 

The purpose of this blog is to aid others in understanding the world and themselves, especially in the world of relationships. 

Life, though sweet, can be sour at times. When it’s sour, if we can’t process the feelings, it stays in us, like rocks, weighing us down. 

Having came from a healthcare background and through personal life experience, I have come to the realisation that, understanding sets us free, bring us calmness, allows us to mentally put the stone down. One way is when you come into contact with someone you understand, and someone who made you feel understood. 

Good news is that, when you read the words or hear the voice of someone whom you understand, their words make you feel understood as well. 

I therefore, have decided to birth out this blog, hoping the voice in this blog in regards to relationship issues, would bring you a sense of being understood. As you feel understood, your feelings get processed, and you will feel a sense of relief and clarity. 

This blog is created to share the understanding of important anchor concepts in life. 

It is done through telling a story, and making a point. 

Hope it will be of use to you. Happy reading!